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my own critique... spreads, covers, and backgrounds.

Background Iteration Examples
>>This is an example of my first background idea... I ended up trying a couple of different things which I am leaning more towards my new ones.  In this spread example all of the photographs are in black and white, so the photos blend in almost with the background. It has a pretty flat look.... which is not the hippie culture. It was colorful and interesting. I think the new examples below show more of these qualities.
The next three are more of the sepia look. I like how they are a neutral and resemble a more aged photograph. The colored spreads on top of them stand out more and have a richer quality.

 For the next two I created a color gradient. I think these represents the popularity of using multiple colors and portrays a tie-die affect. I really like how the photos pop off the page and the backgrounds have more interest to them. The one representing the fringe is also a gradient affect, but using more colors in the gradient.
I was really please with how this printed! 
These two spreads show a affect I created on the photograph. I like how the picture all has similar tones throughout the image, and the photos stand of the page, but I testing this back ground just on two different spreads, I don't know if this photo effect will show enough cohesion throughout each background. Just these two images have the same effect, but I think they look to different. 
>>I wanted to incorporate something from the inside on my cover. The color gradient was my focus... I think that it ties my cover with the rest of my book. I did however, keep some of my original concepts with the layouts of the covers. I finally found a typeface that I think represents the 60s and is not overwhelming with daisies and but still has some type of originality. I referred a lot to album covers and what they were looking like during this time.
This layout and name is still one preferred by me. I like the title and the layout and incorporation of my values. I think I will go back and make the gradient on this have more of the blue color. After printing the dark brown-red color I guess you could say looks really brown and muddy which is not the look I am going for. I did change it so that there is more of the teal color taking up the cover page. 

The first time I did this cover it was much more light using pastel colors. After creating my layouts and redoing some background ideas I decided to darken the colors. 

I wanted to incorporate something from the spreads inside so I took the gradient that covers the background pictures. I like how peace, love, and freedom are the first things the eye sees, but then you read the share, have, and give, then read it as a whole. 

I wanted to experiment with changing the composition of the words, and I visualized the peace sign and the circular shape of it. The words create a visual invisible sort of shape. The words can be read in any order also. This relates to how these concepts were always being looked at and analyzed by hippies. They believed these things and lived their lives with as much love and peace as possible. They promoted freedom of speech, freedom of choice, and freedom to have an opinion on life and the way it should be lived. 

With the three above I introduce this shape inspired by circular peace sign again. When looking at 60s art work very bold shapes were used to enforce the bold movement taking place during this time.  The flowers, circles, and the oval shapes. I like the circular shape it helps lead the eye around the words, and  it also reminds me of art work that was made while people were on drugs. Seeing repetition and radical shapes. 

>>After looking at all of my cover iterations I am still on the fence about which one works best. I do like the first in the list, I think it works as far as composition and I appreciate the picture on the front... it's a sneak peak for what is to come on the inside. 
*iteration, more blue; not as dark and muddy looking. 

1) vans/busses
 2) peace sign 
3) bare feet 
4) long hair and beards 
5) fringe jackets and vests  

6) guitars 
7) flowers or flower child 
8) drugs 
9) protests
>> For my spreads I think most of them came together pretty well. I was scared with the layout I decided to do that it was going to be hard to find photographs to fit. I fortunate enough that I got all of them to work. Not all of them are the exact same, which is fine. I think it keeps intrest and variety. Each of them have a picture that bleeds off of a corner with either two or three pictures vertically across from it. Right now the only spread I am not totally satisfied with is the drugs. It looks really sparce compaired to rest of the spreads. I think due to the colors of the images compaired to rest as well as there being only 4 images it doesn't fit in with the rest of the spreads. I think I am going to work on finding some different images or adjust the colors. 

-more to come after critique tomorrow...

Project 1: Final Deliverables, Hippie Culture "Dig what I'm sayin?"

Readings: VisCom (2/7)