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Letterpress (the good stuff)

I finished my first letterpress experience...!
I will say that I like the end product more than making the product.  The more I worked on them though I did get the hang of it, but it is a giant puzzle. I can see how people could have a passion for this type of art making. I think that it is a beautiful thing. I did not have many expectations going in, so when things did get frustrating I knew that it was just a part of the process and kept going...
Here is my process in getting to the lovely 5x7 postcard with my quote.


>>Setting it all up

all of the metal type with the wooden furniture 

 this is the hardest part!
It is a big puzzle getting it all to fit inside the chase so that it
is tight, so that none of the type slips out. 

the press! 



end product

end product
Now that I know how to letterpress I would really love to experiment and create some more personal things! (possibly valentines day cards... if time allows!)

Image: Project 2... thoughts and research.

Reading: Exprimental typography. Whatever that means.