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Image: Project 2... thoughts and research.

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.”

I want to focus on symbols that really represent the mark in fashion she left behind for woman. Even though fashions change every season, the classic Chanel fashions have remained the same. 

-Little Black Dress: she made comfort for woman possible. Coco represented what comfort and style looked like as one. She changed the traditional way of dress (the dress wears you, you are not wearing the dress) in that corsets didn't need to be worn for a woman to still feel classy and beautiful. Introducing men's inspired fashion to woman was Coco's greatest feat. Woman discovered a sense of liberation and overall freedom when wearing her clothing. 

-The Hat: I feel as if the hat needs to mentioned and must appear in my photograph somewhere. I don't know if many people know that Coco started as a hat designer. Growing up in an orphanage raised by nuns where she was taught how to sew and after wearing her own creations other women picked up on her style, were inspired, and wanted the same. 

 -The Chanel Suit:  Chanel created a suit that is sometimes considered the "millennium" suit. Whether it is the 1930s or 60s the  Chanel suit has the classic boxy lines and has kept the same classic look up until today. 

-Pearls: I believe that pearls represent Coco Chanel as a person. She was always found wearing this simple necklace with every outfit she had on. As Christian Dior put it: "With a black pullover and ten rows of pearls she revolutionized fashion."

-Now on to figuring out how to represent this icon for the
"Fashion Hall of Fame: The History of Coco Chanel."
 (that's what I am pretending it is for anyway)

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