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facial expression

I got inspired to use my little sister, Hunter, for my Seven Deadly Sins project. After looking at pictures and more pictures to find inspiration for my project, she popped into my mind. Reason being that she has Bipolar Disorder and I am pretty sure I have seen an array of emotions from her. I wanted to show these emotions through the deadly sins. Her mood can sometimes be in constant change, and I know that she has represented each of these sins at some point. Bipolar Disorder is often a negativity and something that is hard to contain or control, but I think she portrayed the "sins" beautifully in these pictures. She is doing so well right now, that I think it's a representation of her wonderful control and strength! I also thought that it would be really interesting to portray these seven traits from a younger point of view. Seeing her point of view of each sin and what it means to her. I had to conquer explaining each of these terms to her and then putting it in "Hunter" terms. Being older, we all have a certain view of each of the sins and how they should be portrayed, but  how would an 11 year old experience these sins or portray them? I wanted to take a new point of view and wanted to see if I could challenge myself by just using emotion of the face and hands. 

It was a fun, serious, and very much a learning experience for me to photograph her. The hardest ones to capture were greed and I am still not fully satisfied with the pride photographs that were taken (as it is not above). Next, I would really like to try incorporating her thoughts into the images, or even use her handwriting for my links.... 

These are pictures of an experiment that I attempted with her... I  didn't want to use objects, so I went to imagery. I was not sure if just her facial expressions would be enough information to represent each sin. I had her draw what she thought was sloth on a piece of glass with chalk markers. I thought it would be interesting to show her version but with it being a clear drawing surface she would still be the focus. It didn't communicate how  I wanted it to. This is her drawing for "sloth." He body language is not fully communicating, but  I want to show what I was attempting. 

FINAL icons+process

Digital Icons