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the constructed image: coco chanel

In my poster for the “hall of fame” museum, I chose to represent and portray the life of Ms. Coco Chanel. I focussed on her successes as well as hints of items that helped her achieve the legacy that she did. 

>>the process 
   For this assignment the form of digital work was not an option. What is in the composition was physically put into the frame. It was difficult for me to arrive at an appropriate way to represent such an iconic woman. She has so many historical accomplishments so finding a main focus was hard. I decided to show her life or her legacy  in what she knew and did best, her clothing design. This poster gives some of her history and the historical progression of her clothing. It starts with a dress that women wore when she started making clothing and ends at a white suit that she became so famous for. This arching layout of the items leads your eye through the progression of her history. The older dress, Eiffel Tower, and man allude to her past (many don't know that a man, or her lover, funded her clothing business and helped her get her start) with her being a French woman. They are placed at the bottom of the frame to show where she started (on the bottom) and her growth as a designer and woman. A hat (which is what Chanel made for women first, before any clothing) as well as her famous Chanel No. 5 perfume. She was the first business or franchise to make a perfume and it has not changed sense the time it was made. I decided to go with black and white due to the idea of timelessness (which her clothing represented CHANEL as a franchise) and a classic feel as well as Chanel usually always had black and white on (simple and sophisticated).  I chose the quote, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different," because she was irreplaceable. She made woman's fashion classic and comfortable. She was a woman with strong personality and knew what needed to be done.  Chanel left a legacy for women and for fashion that will probably not be met again in my lifetime. 

>>more experimentation



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