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Coco Chanel: poster 1st round

>> For my Coco Chanel posters I really wanted to give hints of the fashion world within my poster. I wanted to show the progression of clothing through Chanel. I decided to make cutouts from the time Coco started designing up until she died. I think it alludes to her legacy in showing how many designs and how she changed fashion for women. I decided to use transparencies for her name and quote. I was inspired by fashion shows and how a designer's name is often projected onto the runway. Also projecting alludes to the spot lights used. I lined the dresses up as if they were in a showcase. I kept thinking how dresses would be on display in real life if Coco Chanel's work was actually hung up to be displayed.
>> When shooting my "scene" I ran into the problem of  Coco Chanel and the quotes being to large for the dresses. I was not able to achieve the look that I wanted. Here are some shots of different thing I attempted. I know now that I need to make the words on the  transparencies much smaller. My projector could only achieve a certain size. I used an "old school" projector and I liked the look of it, I just was unable to get the placement of the name and quote that I wanted and good framing and cropping of the set up. The photos that are not black and white are not color corrected.

something I tried: just putting the transparency in
front of the camera. 

After crit I learned that she is not represented enough. I really wanted my poster to be simple in the use of objects and color. Coco Chanel used black and white a lot in her designs and one her most famous designs, being the dress suit, consists of simple shape and line. So her fashion and her designs were the basis for my poster. I understood that I needed more information, or either place the dresses in a new formation and add some more items... which I have! 

-off to experiment! 

Analog Icons

Project One: TYPOGRAPHIC CAMPAIGN (part two, digital typography)