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Type: Project 1- TYPOGRAPHIC CAMPAIGN (part one)

"Design is creativity with strategy" - Rob Curedale
>>  We started our first Type 2 project today which deals with the letterpress! I am very excited to take on this new medium. I know that it will be a challenge, but I believe it will be a great skill to have and learn. We found a design themed quote that was meaningful to us and we are going to letterpress it using our super typographical skills onto a 7x5 card.
Today we focused on finding this quote... which was a bit difficult for me. I did find some that did stand out, but were unfortunately already taken. I came across this quote, "Design is creativity with strategy," by Rob Curedale.

This quote stood out to me for a couple reasons. The word creativity is always around me. As an artist it is my "job" to be creative. To create ideas that are new, fresh, and original. That is what people rely on an artist to do. I have found that this quote, the more that I think about it, sums up what design is becoming for me. The more I dig into this art the more I discover that I can still use all of my creative thinking and ways, but we strategize on how we use them. Designers have a strategy for every project, every placement of text, and every use of color on a poster. Each detail is strategically placed while using our creative minds to make this "strategy" come to life. I hear people say that designers are meticulous, organized, structured. I know these descriptions are usually very true in that we hone in all of our creativity except we use a strategy right along with it.

Rob Curedale is an industrial designer born in Australia, but currently living in the U.S. He currently runs Curedale, Inc. and has worked as a designer, design director and design educator in London, Sydney, Vevey, Switzerland, Portugal, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Hong Kong, China and Detroit. Curedale has designed furniture, medical, technology and consumer products for global markets today. With over 25 years of experience he has done projects for,  Nokia, Sun, Apple, Canon, Motorola, Nissan, Audi VW, Disney,  Haworth, Honeywell, NEC, Hoover, Packard Bell, Dell, and Black & Decker to name a few. Curedale is known for his problem solving skills as a designer but as well as in his research, concept origination, prototypes, and his mechanical engineering. In an interview with Spark Awards he was asked, "What advise can you offer to a new graduate?" 
 "Follow your curiosity, go beyond what is expected, 
be courageous, find your own voice, travel."
This quote definitely sums up what Curedale has done for himself as well. This very accomplished designer has dedicated himself to his craft and still continues to learn and thrive with each project.

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