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Round 1: Spreads and Cover Designs

>>My first round of spreads and covers for our identity book.
Spreads and cover ideas that are inspired by my subject the hippie.


We discussed this cover in critique, except changing the typeface, and change
 the Love in "A Generation of  Love" to another word
 or totally getting rid of it and have the big peace, love, 
and freedom just be the title of my book. 

This is the other possibility. Except fixing some typographical errors.

 (the main title to close the the photo and the bar stretching across the page)


 The spreads above are examples of what my backgrounds for my spreads will look like.
Incorporating a black and white image in the  background with a mask of color over the top (example below). 
This will tie all of my images together as well as incorporating that color in with my title along with
 the rest of my book. The other images will be placed over the top in the grid of the spread below. 

(this spread)

Project 1: pleased to meet you

Type: Project 1- TYPOGRAPHIC CAMPAIGN (part one)