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A more critical critique...

Choosing my Dot Book to critique is not really something I wanted to do, but I know it is good to go back and learn from your mistakes. I believe this has probably been my least successful project in VisCom this semester. I was really just unhappy with the finished product. I wish that the craft would have been better. I know that the potential was there, but it didn't come across that way. It is also just upsetting when you work so hard on a product and one thing can ruin it all. The binding and cover are the first things a viewer sees and those are the worst parts. I know that some of my imagery could have been better as well, but I did like my overall concept. It challenged me and yet I still had the freedom to be really creative and "me" in my imagery.
I liked my title, but the way I constructed my cover
 did not work with wire-o binding.  

Linear Development

Semester Reflection