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Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!

What I have been up to so far this break... yoga.

These are some pics that I have recently taken of my mom and Grace; another instructor at her studio. We are working on redoing the website as well. I am working with a friend of ours to get the new site up and going. He knows code (and I have no idea) so he is doing the setup of everything or the structure of our new site and I am doing more of the design and artistic side of it.  These pictures were taken in my mom's studio... ;) It was so fun! We will do it again soon I am sure!


favorite. yes. this is my mom. when I grow up, I want to be just like her. :) 
Putting a face to the body... she will love me for this one! 

falling... ha


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