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In making our taxonomy books we decided to categorize our marks by nature vs. manmade. We thought it was the best way to describe our poem being that our haiku is about this struggle between this person's  umbrella with the blowing winter rain. We liked the idea of using screw posts with a more soft paper to show this manmade with the nature. We used a french fold method, which worked out nicely with the screw posts we wanted to use.  We decided to title our book "the umbrella vs. the wind" it is this struggle between the two, but we decided to use our marks in a more playful manner. Going with a more storybook feel, making our text big and using lowercase letters to portray a children's story book. I thought about the books used to teach children shapes when they are young, and our book some what symbolizes that idea. We have marks going into the margin, and going off the page, so the marks are bold and obvious, but in most cases just using that one word to explain the mark. (plopped, rolled, stomped, ect.) I am pleased with our end product. I was nervous that the screw posts were going to be to loose, but they fit perfectly in our book. 

What I have been up to so far this break... yoga.

Final Statement