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The Urge to Make Things

This writing by Leo Lionni was really interesting. His detailed take on just creating things made me think of how with this action we sometimes take for granted, it is much more complex then I realized. It reminded me of my first semester in foundations last year. Many of our painting projects had to be made without the use of planing or thinking. The goal being to just let the movement of your hand take over. Lionni says, "the irresistible urge to make things" which I think any artist can relate to. Even in the summer when I am not in school, I need to be creating things. Even if it is something small I have to be making something, getting the ideas onto the page or making an the artifact. He describes that the happiest, most fulfilling moment of the entire creative process are the moments of inspiration. This is probably the best description I have read of that feeling, that moment I or any creator gets when the idea and inspiration pop into your mind. The feeling that something is working or that exact moment of inspiration. This probably relates best to our mark making with the objects. Not really putting to much thought into it. Just trying to get the mark on the page and creating new ways to do so with the object. Lionni talks about textures of objects and the tactlessness of them. Even trying to get the objects texture onto the page so you can feel it and imagine it on the page. It is not about the content it is more about the feeling and holding the object. I think with our project for the final artifact I want to make that concept that part of it. To have the viewer or subject holding your object and not only being focussed on the content, but the feeling of the paper and marks on the paper. Getting the entire experience of what you created. 

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