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Time and Motion: reading response

pgs 215-231 from Lupton's Graphic Design the New Basics

In this passage about time and motion, Lupton explains that even still image has implied motion. Designers must think like typographers, animators, painters, and filmmakers. Motion takes on so many new elements rather then just a static image. Color, the frame, movements of the images, typefaces, and more must all be working together. Time based media is a whole new genre that designers must conquer and be thinking as a painter or animator all at the same time to achieve the appropriate results. Graphic designers often use implied motion. Implied motion takes on the sense of movement and really just a static image on a page, but by placing it off the page or cropped and slanted implies movement. A lot of photography takes on the implied movement in showing either a still shot of the subject in stopped in time or the aftermath of their movement produces a blurriness that represent time on a two-dimensional surface. In an animation basis using color and image in sequences show movement in time. Storyboards are the way designers must go about organizing every aspect of a piece. This helps visually communicate the overall idea before production and portrays the story line. Storyboards also suggest the main changes in motion and can be a place to write notes and visualize the overall idea of the images. I think motion based design can be very beautiful as well as very informative. It is another way to relay a message to the audience. Video can be very interactive and attention grabbing.

Motifs: Before and After

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