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ROR Posters

We had our first critique for our Reach Out and Read posters. This is competition we are all taking part in, but also this is our last project for Typography I class.  My concepts are geared more towards the children yet, the message being clear to the parent as well. I think that it's important to reach every aspect of your audience, which is the parents but also the kids. I want the poster to be just as attention grabbing towards both parties. I am creating a playful imaginary concept with my posters.
-We began with our thumbnail sketches and chose three from there to complete in color and start ideas on the computer just to show concept and composition. This project is a great opportunity to learn a lot and with the freedom we have to really experiment using digital and analog methods.


-With this poster I wanted to showcase how reading can lead you to different places. I went with a much more graphic approach in this poster compared to my others. This was really one of the first times I have drawn out things in Illustrator and created my own shapes. I drew the flowers then traced them out using line and the pen tool. It was a good learning process if nothing else for me. 

These two posters are the same besides slight difference in composition with the typeface and flowers. I really  like this slogan and idea of the parent and child growing together with books and learning together at the same time. I have the concept of the flower actually growing out of the book. The flowers on these posters are flowers I drew and just scanned in and placed on the picture of the book. 
(The chosen one!) For my third poster, like in the flower ones above, the idea of a parent really interacting in the  learning and reading process with their child. The imagination really stretching.... Opening this book and this scene coming to life. In the waves, moon, and boat above, they are flat water colored book pages that I cut out and scanned onto the computer. For the next steps I am actually going to create a type of diorama (very children inspired) and have the words be hanging by strings and the actual book will be present in the poster by photographing it. I think I am going to change the phrase to just "Learn and discover with your child." I think the- open the book - part will be obvious when I have the book shown in the poster. I want this poster to feel as if it came from a little boy or girls imagination, so deep rich bright colors... I am excited to get started and photograph this. 
I have never really set up something in studio to photograph.... it should be fun!  

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