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ROR- More Poster Variations

I have been experimenting with the type on my poster... it has kind of been a struggle, but I feel that am slowly getting closer. As Marty says, "make a moment," with the text, I am trying to do that but at the same time have the photograph be seen plus the text. Making them both work together has been the challange.  I just really needed to focus on the text now and making that a piece and then combining the image and the text. I think the bolder typeface is more successful with the dominance of the image, they look more in sync/ in balance with one another. 
-This is more of the direction I think I am leaning towards now. These top three posters are all the same concept, but with slight differences in the placement and ampersand opacity. I think this helps break up the text as well as the composition of the whole poster.

The ones below are examples of more variation attempts. 
this was chosen at the most recent crit






Second Color Book- photos

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