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Reading Response, Meggs pg. 22-29

Reading these couple of pages showed me more examples of combining imagery with graphic elements.  The section about camera angle and viewpoint, it shows how taking a picture and it's angle can totally effect the way a viewer reads a picture. The example of the table leaning but it is vertical in the composition really plays with your eyes, you have to figure out the correct way the artist wants you to look at the composition. Technology has allowed us to take all of these different elements and combine them using the camera and the computer. Just like we used all of the different experiments with the scanner or projector those elements were able to merge with photographs. Aligning these photographs with our line studies creates a juxtaposition that might not have been possible otherwise. Combining all of these elements from the scanned elements to the photograph, but a photograph that has the correct camera angle to make one joined image. 


LINE PROJECT (processes so far)