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Project 2: Line Process/ Evaluation of Posters

01) Basic Line: We first started with basic line studies reflecting the progression, regularity, and randomness. My line study above represents progression, but a progression that starts from the center.
02) Complex Line: With this complex line study I overlapped two basic line studies of progression resulting in another progressive complex line study. 
03) During the manipulation phase we experimented with scanning, projecting, and copying our line studies from the first two phases. This is line study is scanned. We could control the movement as we dragged it along the scanner light and it produced this amazing grid look of gradient. This reminded me of the lights of a skyline at night. The lights fade into the black sky above. 
04-05) I took this photograph of Downtown KC at night, and really made the blacks black to go with the with the line manipulation. I focussed in on the scanned image which reflected the buildings in the photograph and the windows of the buildings. 
06) For the final poster, and after many iterations, I broke the image and the scanned line study up into columns. I really wanted the whole photograph to be seen so that it was obvious that it was a skyline. I like how when looking at the poster with the line study and photograph together you see a skyline, not just the line study or photograph. I have to look at the poster for a while to realize that there are random blocks of white line mixed in with the photograph.
(poster 1)                                   (poster 2)

Evaluation of Posters: 
I believe that my posters reflect the Downtown area in their own way.  (poster 1) The overall black poster has a lot of movement with in photograph and the curvature of the line study. This movement activates the composition and reflects the night life of the downtown area and all of the bustling around of the people and cars. Although the line study and the skyline reflect the night and beauty of the city, the large black space that takes over the majority of this poster creates a rich calming affect. With all of the space, it seems as if you are standing where I was looking at the skyline, it feels as if the sky is still present in the poster. The bold type of Futura shows the modern look and the strength of the buildings as well as the downtown's boldness. I learned a lot about Photoshop and Illustrator through this process. My skills have improved in these programs from where the were before. I did most of my work in photoshop, but for the line study in the skyline poster I had to use the pen tool and live trace to make the line study smooth and to connect all of the white blocks together. 
(poster 2) In this poster the photograph is the KC Star production building and a random complex line study. That building is probably one of my favorite buildings in downtown. It is large, bold, and has so many line and different view points I thought it portrayed many of my line studies perfectly. With the building being glass you are able to see all of the stairs, railings, posts, presses, and rolls inside.  The overall building is a simple shape, but once you see inside it is a great big random line study! This building represents a part of media and the communication of the KC area. With this photograph and line study already being so busy it was difficult at first to break up the space by still showing the line study and representing the picture. All of the lines have an overlapping look which is what inspired me to create another layered look. I tried many different places for my text. I think this is the best place for my text. It aligns with the strips so it looks as if it is part of the strip above it. It fits right in and in other locations in the composition it looked as if it were floating or it was out of alignment with a strip just enough to look awkward. I also how it is in the bottom of the poster which enhances the downtown aspect, but also with the other poster the texts create asymmetry. I also like the black space and white space the two produce when next to each other. The positive and negative affect of the posters and the text tie them together. I am very satisfied with my two end products. I have learned so much as far as alignment with text and line, programs, color, juxtapositions, and seeing line and shape with a designers eye. It is very satisfying to know that all of that knowledge will carry directly on to the projects to come. 

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