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+I just wanted to post some of my photographs for our color theory project. None of these are done and completely edited, but so far I have really enjoyed this project. It's a nice change of pace to go out of the box of the computer and for me to get outside and take photographs.
+Yesterday, Kellie had a guest speaker named Don Delphia come in and teach us his ways when using Photoshop which was really interesting and helpful. He showed us some tricks that are simple methods to edited and helping boost color in our photos. I want to put the first round up here now, and then after they are completed.
My subject or theme is the fingernail color. Lauren is my subject, but I am focusing on her nail color and how it operates with the background. The photos have turned into this almost narrative... this girl and her adventures... each photograph is pretty different from the next and I wanted to do my best to be able to stand on it's own as well as a group.
Some pictures I still have two up... I am still trying to decided between some of the pictures, but I think once I edit them that will help me make my final choice. 
complementary: I am going to blur here face, make the green
leaves brighter and nail color brighter. 

tint: enhance all color and shadow

warm: blur her face a bit more and clean up the nails
make the pinks brighter. 



analogous: still can't decide between this one and the
one above... I like this one conceptually, but I believe
the one above has the color dominance that is

triadic: I will probably use this one...


split complementary 


cool: still deciding between the two... 

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