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Paula Scher Video Response

my KC poster
Listening to Scher talk about New York City reminded me of my thoughts of KC when creating my posters. Her type and designs reflect the city perfectly. The posters and typography she creates are tall, loud, busy, layered, and her variation of scale showcase the city. She says that NYC is a place where all these neighborhoods and people are combined together and they provide her inspiration.  Kansas City consists of many neighborhoods as well, each one somewhat different from the other. She also explains how the city is like a grid system and her type is produced like the grids she sees. Her words and letters come out tall and dense like the buildings. The letters are bold and loud possibly like the cab drivers music or someone yelling on the street, and the many opinions that are circulating throughout the public. She also mentions that city is always changing. I think that sums many things up. Change relating to our KC posters in that this whole process has been in constant change. Each critique from our line studies to the posters, one thing adding on to another to make something different. That is one of the best parts of being a design in that we must keep up with all of the changes going on around us. The design changes with the culture and society. Also, like NYC I think KC is very different with the people and cultures, but in terms of buildings and certain locations, such as downtown, they can be very similar. I think my posters show KC how I see it just as Scher sees NY through her eyes.  I have a poster of the skyline taken at night, with a lot of black negative space which I think can be read in different ways. It can be more calming because of the empty space, but then with the images at the bottom it could be read as very busy with a lot of movement which represents the nightlife. The text is in bold as well, but thin at the same time to coincide with the buildings and the boldness of the city. Scher's explanations of her inspiration and thought processes reminded me of the work we have been doing with this line project. 

Project 2: Line Process/ Evaluation of Posters

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