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The movie: TYPEFACE

I was really excited to go see this documentary on typeface letters and their history. I was honestly a little surprised as the movie carried on and found out that it was nothing like I thought it was going to be. I did overall find it very interesting, but not through a graphic design point of view I suppose. As an artist I think it was very effective and engaging. The point that this beautiful tactile art is dimensioning and it is up to us as a younger generation to save it made me learn a lot about the history of wood type blocks and print making. This idea of doing things at a "human pace" were as the computer is so quick and can produce multiples in the matter of seconds, the printing process takes time and is very individual. 

It reminded me of how even when working on a computer to go back to the analog methods of doing things and incorporating them in my work. Jamie reminded us of that the other day after doing our scans and projections to not forget that you can achieve these beautiful accidental moments that make something so original and fantastic. I think that is what can be often lost in the graphic design world. Everything is so clean and precise all of the time, which is good and clear, but I think having an element of mishap when it is appropriate is can be a good thing. I saw the way the printing processes and the physical placement of each wooden letter can make something that a computer can't. After watching this movie it made me kind of sad... but it was a reminder of a lot of things as well. 

Helium History and Typefaces