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After reading the article by Laura Fields I think just walking down the streets and looking at a newspaper will be a changed experience from now on.  (I have noticed just driving I am seeing lines that relate to my compositions everywhere!) I was really amazed with her Page Three Sutra. (now I kinda want my own as well) This ad by Tiffany's being next to all of these worldly stories, struck this uneven feeling inside. I give props to those who plan these the placement of this adds, but it is really upsetting at the same time. I do think this article will help me with the next to our project though. The way the shapes relate to one another, and even with the two different photos having nothing to do with each other, there is that one element pulls them together, wether one sees the connection or not. I think the juxtaposition of these images  are so clear yet not so tightly similar that it becomes this intriguing relationship. 

I pulled some examples off of her article: 

The movie: TYPEFACE

Find and Share: Lines