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Find and Share: Lines

                 Artist Áron Jancsó uses a great sense of line in this poster. His calligraphic style and use of curved lines as well as straight line direct your eye across the page, but also hold the attention in those spots of interlacing with the boxing and negative space. I was attracted to this poster due to it's line structure but also because it has so many different interactions going on between the shapes yet has this simplicity to it. Combing so many shapes could have caused this great busyness, yet this maintains an overall clarity to me. 

The Typographic Years


              I also came across these Typographic years. I was really attracted to them because of the line interaction with the circles and numerical shapes, but as well as something we see everyday become a totally new form. It goes in a new direction and makes me curious to see what taking a line composition and using it as the layout for type, but basing it off of a word or number sequence.  Just trying to get all of those things working together and having them be coherent with one another could become a beautiful thing.  These are just a couple of examples above, but go here to see more! 


Digital Layout of Bitmap Font