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Digital Layout of Bitmap Font

My final bitmap typeface... 

-In the end I changed a couple letters. In critique my lowercase s and my a couple of my serifs needed to be addressed. I also changed my uppercase a, which made me think how many changes a typeface does go through. The uppercase A was one of my first main letters that I based  his font off of and in the end was changed to go with the rest of my letters. I think that it does work much better then the one before. My letters are quite skinny and have a curved look, but the A was very bold and static looking. Another difficulty I had was the lowercase s. I could not get it to work with my font. I experimented with many layouts with trying to move a bell up a grid square or to the right, but with my x-height only being five squares high it did not give me much to work with. I think my type face actually goes with my object very well. It is kind of dainty and round like my little bells are. I like how it all came together and the process of this project, I think next time I will totally go a different route though and make the strokes of the letter thicker... then you have more to take away, which I have figured out is somewhat easier then trying to add on. 

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