Hello there!

Welcome to my blog. I document my adventures in travel, style, and food. Hope you have a nice stay!


I have learned that designing for yourself is the hardest thing. I feel as if I have many different styles and like many different things, so trying to figure out what do or simple the colors to use were difficult. I went to many different design, fashion, and blogs to get ideas from.  I decided to go a really clean line route. (the line studies in VISCOM have probably rubbed off on me) but I wanted something simple, but finding inspiration for this was crazy hard. I just started looking through pictures that I really like that I have saved as inspiration, and found a living room that I love the colors in, and the design. It is simple, feminine in places, funky, bright, and a bit eclectic in some areas. I think in the future, this will be easy to manipulate if necessary.  

Trying then to come up with a font and layout for my name was fun, but I have never designed anything officially just for myself. It was great experiementing with different designs and typefaces. Another layout I had was this one. I ended filling the whole black space, I just didn't care for the kind of dead space in the center. I think it works, but after moving things around and experimentation, I ended up going with the one at the top. 

This was another design I did, but I don't like it! It just didn't turn out how I wanted to. I wanted an old feeling using photo. I do like that all of the background pictures are pictures that I have taken, but I didn't like the busyness of the composition and my type. I would still probably make many more changes and alterations, but I knew I wanted to do another banner and then choose between the two. I feel that it kind of traps me if I ever decided to go into a more modern classes approach. I think this shows how different my styles can be, which is why designing my banner was a bit difficult. 

Now it's time to redesign me blog! Colors, and typefaces to match my new banner. 

Helium Symbols