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Some Steps...

-I took some pictures when I remembered to while I was putting together the final pages of my book... I want to show my steps and how I liked to lay things out and planned each page.   

My coffee stained paper! 

I made copies of some of my pages just to make sure it was 
what I wanted for sure. 

This was for unwavering which I wanted a gradience from black to red
so I laid it all out first before cutting the circles. 

Almost completed! Before glueing it onto my final paper,
I put each circle on my printed layout and then glued.

My savior! My handy circle cutter! 

extra circles! I wondering how many circles
everyone averaged in their book? Or how many 
circles we each cut out... it's a number I don't know that I  
really want to think about...

Simple color Test

End thoughts of book.... You are Me