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My Thoughts at the Moment

So far...
- The process of working on this dot book so far as been really amazing for me. I have already learned so much on just having options and being constantly in production. I feel as if all of this work before hand will make the final product that much better (and I will be that much more proud!) I am really excited to see the outcome. 
-Right now I will say that I am struggling with the imagery part of my compositions. My theme (Relationship between a mother and daughter) is emotional, not really something you can see. So when working on my compositions I tried to visualize certain scenarios between a mother and daughter and what colors they might portray. Such as a mother and a daughter getting into a fight (friction) I see a calm blue- everyone is fine, and then the confrontation builds and the friction begins- starting- red and bright tones. After this begins the disintegration of frustration so still heated, but cooling down, so dark deep reds.... I think I am going in the right direction? I really want to stay away from to much pattern and image. I know for sure I picture of a mother and daughter will not be in my book.... which heightens the challenge, but I think it will be much stronger in doing so.  I want colors to fade in and out from each other- to have a flow. Most of my compositions consist of two groups of dots or two dots alone so distinguishing these two groups will be a focus, yet still having a flow... 
-Along with having mostly warm colors, I would like my book to have a sense of age, it's telling the story of two lives being together and their history with each other. Antique, natural, history, and a sense of mother and maturity, but yet a playfulness for the daughter. (I have words to describe words) haha
-These are my thoughts for the night, just after producing my final sketches and notations. 
On to tomorrow! Time to produce, prodUCE, PRODUCE!  

My Final Final Word List [i hope]