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My lil Mini's

For our next project in type we are using miniature objects on a grid to create a bitmap font. A bitmap font is created out of the pixels on a screen. In a bitmap font the pixels enlarge with the letter. So when sizing a bitmap letter the pixels get small and bigger with the letter; so each pixel or box is always visible. 
We are using small objects to create the alphabet in bitmap form so each object is a pixel.
My miniature ideas:

  • dice
  • barbie shoes
  • pop tabs
  • beer caps 
  • wine corks
  • thimbles 
  • spools of thread
  • cotton balls 
  • bouncy balls 
  • marbles 
  • bells 
  • wiggly eyes (google eyes as I like to call them) 

Right now, thinking of  actually finding some of theses objects in mass is a bit difficult so I have silver bells and googly eyes so far... tomorrow in class we will discuss which will work best! We are going to be spelling words out on a grid with our miniatures.

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