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My Inspiration: Anthropologie

My thoughts right after talking with Jamie about my sketches. (want to get it all down before I loose them!)
-Just the dots as images: compositions.
            Most of my compositions work, but I need to work on some of my sizes of dots and lining everything up. My layouts are very simple, but my imagery will be very rich and deep.  The word "protective" has been the hardest for me. I think it is the most obvious word as far as making a composition out of my dots, but it is hard to make it some how stylistic.... 
            I am always inspired by the catalogs, store layouts, and the design of the products (tags, emails, catalogs)  produced by Anthropologie. A nostalgia runs onto each page. The sense of vintage, history, and beautifulness come through in the images. Their sense of design and theme for each catalog always amazes me. It's hard to describe the richness, yet the sense playful lightheartedness you see. The stores are even decorated in a way that is simplistic with touches of antiques and everyday objects creating forms and decor that create such a warm, inviting, and fun environment. This theme has been my inspiration for many projects and will be for my Dot Book. 

-images of catalog pages: showing the nostalgic feeling, yet a present day feel with the products. The patterns of the material and the foggy/bold colors have been my inspiration. 

-Inspiration: The colors and use of vintage pattern and subject really describes my ideas for a mother daughter relationship. The idea that motherhood has been going on sense.... well forever, I knew that I wanted to create something with a old looking facade. A sense of history that a mother and daughter have needs to be visible through my imagery. I know I don't want to use people in my imagery. I am showing emotions. Using imagery such as an old tapestry or victorian looking laces, the bricks of an old building or stone of a street, old chandeliers hanging in a ballroom, and the velvet fabric of a vintage chair. I want the "feel" to come across of the timeless relationship I am describing. Anthropologie has the maturity of a mother, but often hints of playfulness by using illustrations of totally off objects to display their products.  I believe this company embodies the attention a any woman of any age. Everyone can relate to their designs in some way. 
Creating a composition using two unrelated objects: accessories and food / shoes and tea. 

I can't say that my words have done Anthropologie any justice, but it is a big part of my inspiration for the mother-daughter relationship I am portraying. 

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