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Final List

  • affection
  • protective
  • passionate
  • overbearing
  • unwavering 
  • emulative
  • comfort
  • relief
  • friction
  • nurturing
  • supportive 
  • blooming (bloom or blossom) 
-These words describe the relationship between Mother and Daughter
The process of getting to this list consisted of 5 mind maps, and probably 5 lists and research... but with each word new ideas flowed. 
My list consists of very negative as well as positive words. I focussed on many different aspects this relationship wether it being good or bad. I broke my subject down in many different ways. I first started with family, mom, then communication, to the communication of mothers and daughters, then each part of a mother and daughter's life together (birth to twenties ect.) I researched famous mother daughter relationships (Judy Garland & Liza Minnelli to Goldie Hawn & Kate Hudson) to find inspiration. I looked at quotes and poems to find words. Reading my lists to others and then having them guess my theme helped me out. I hope my list is clear and specific. Time to start! 

"You are my face; you are me"

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