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The History: 
        The Louis Vuitton monogram is a logo that is recognized all over the world. Louis Vuitton’s initials have become an iconic symbol worn by millions. The LV is used on a variety of products such as purses, luggage, sunglasses, leather goods, shoes, watches, and jewelry.  A logo reaching back to 1856, frenchmen Louis Vuitton opened his first store in Paris in 1854. To prevent counterfeiting George Vuitton, so of Louis, created the Monogram on canvas that is seen everywhere still today. In 1896 the company released the signature Monogram Canvas and put patens on it, which later proved to be successful in stopping counterfeiting. The graphic symbols including the flowers and quatrefoils as well as the LV monogram are based on the trend of using Japanese and Oriental designs in the late Victorian era. This design proved to stop imitations until the 1960s, when counterfeiting became a serious problem again and the company launched an employing team of lawyers and investigation agencies to pursue offenders through courts all over the world which continues today. The Monogram Canvas is still the most popular selling canvas to this day. This classic emblem shoes the history and it’s richness. The logo has not changed since it’s birth which shows the timelessness of this renowned company. This pattern can be found on  cell phone covers to covering a car. Five generations went through this company, but it is still going strong now ran by creative director, Mark Jacobs. The highly recently famed Monogram Multicolor, which is the LV pattern but with many different colors either on the black or white background is example of how this company has made smart decisions with their branding and is flourishing and will continue to flourish for years to come.
-According to a Millward Brown 2010 study, Louis Vuitton is the world's 29th most valuable brand, right after Wells Fargo and before Gillette . The brand itself is estimated to be worth USD 19.781 billion. (Millward Brown 2010 website
Louis Vuitton Logo

5th Ave. Store in NY

Monogram Multicolor

Classic Monogram pattern 

I would say this is a pretty good example of
someone's deep love of Louis Vuitton.

Side Note:
 (just another amazing marketing collaboration of the Louis Vuitton company) 
The French fashion company Louis Vuitton and Japanese modern artist Takashi Murakami have produced Superflat First Love, an anime short to mark the revamp of Louis Vuitton's Multicolor Spring Palette line of leather accessories. As a sequel to Murakami's Superflat Monogram anime short (2003), the new film also celebrates six years of collaboration between the two pop culture icons. Louis Vuitton will officially launch the Multicolor Sprint Palette lineup on April 28. On the same day, Superflat First Love will have its world premiere on a Japanese mobile website. The characters in the anime will adorn special displays in Louis Vuitton stores during the launch of the product line.
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Color Star with Pantone, RGB, and HEX#

Imagery; elegance, age, and beauty.