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Layers + Transparency

          The fusion of type and image come together in such a simplistic way. Just by adding the two visual concepts together creates a new experience for the viewer and with this book being a tactile experience as well. The viewer has the opportunity to play and interact with the transparent pages. With my theme being a relationship between a mother and daughter this combination of the text and image creates this layered effect of two things coming together as one. A mother and daughter create one relationship by their emotions and actions coming together. This impacts the esthetics of my book by creating this natural and somewhat organic connection between the two pages. The layers and transparencies simultaneously going together in this unplanned way. The serendipitous moments created by the text and image come together to make these special connections. This relationship of text and my dots reminds me of the relationship I am portraying. A mother and daughter have all of these planned rehearsed moments and then every once and awhile these serendipitous moments happen and those are the ones you remember. 

Color Emotion

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