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The word I drew out of the bag was the word laugh. When starting to do my sketches I focussed on the sound of laughter and what the sound would look like. How a laugh starts out quiet in a way and gradually gets louder. The boldness of a laugh. I also knew that it needed to be playful so I choose the text of Futura. The simplicity of the letters with the roundness produces a rhythm. We got together with Marty and critiqued in small groups and we all discussed the strongest 3 sketches. After discussing things to change and composition we chose our font and printed many different sizes and thicknesses to use for our final layout. We cut out each letter form to put on the paper. I decided to layout 3 of my sketches because it was hard for me to visualize what type would look like not in my handwriting but in the Futura text. Gluing all of the individual letters I decided to use my piece that showed laugh as a gradual sound or action because it ended up best looking like the word laugh which is playful and fun. The most frustrating part for me was getting the cut out text to have the same motion as my sketches. The letters are so firm and geometric looking that trying to create the movement and organic sense of the word laugh and it's action. 


My letter sheets and workspace 
First composition, not to happy with the movement or composition.
I do like how all of the letters are flipped
 and upside down, some are pushing the frame. 
My second one I made, I didn't like how the 3 little laughs
ended up being pretty straight and don't arch out enough.

My Final: I liked the idea of it building up.
The sound and characteristic of a laugh. 

In Critique, the class concluded that there should be a bigger change in the size of the letter as it arches. The arch should be a bit bigger and be a bit higher, just make it look like it is continuos and not flattening out.  The h should go off the page just slightly to show that the laughter keeps going and is not just stuck in the permitter of the black outline. The first smallest L should be shifted up and over a bit to produce more negative space to lead your eye around the letters. 

Color Harmonies