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Imagery; elegance, age, and beauty.

After talking during my discussion of my imagery- We decided that the catalogs and more mature prints will represent the mother whereas this book that I have from the 60s called "Science is Learning" a children's book, will be the daughter. The more playful images and the "old school colors" really go with my vintage feel. The playful images and bright colors create the idea of youthfulness. I coffee stained my paper which produced a perfect aged look to my paper.
Finding the imagery was kind of difficult. I think once I start really cutting out circles and putting it all together it will all merge as one.

before and after of coffee stained paper
old children's book
images inside the book

Decisions: To age the dots like the paper?
 -Age them before glueing or after?
 - the effect of the liquid to the paper, creates warping and shrinkage... 
-So I am probably going to cut all of my paper at once so
 it all has even and smooth lines.
Cover: I  really want the cover to resemble the cover of an old vintage book. 
With the old vignette frame looking frame and the text inside. 
I have some old sheet music, and  covers that 
show great framing that I want and could
 possibly print onto my cover paper.

scanned image of the inside of the cover
cover of music book 

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