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Helvetica: My 2 moments or 3 or 4...

For me watching Helvetica was really amazing. Obviously the story of the font, but really for me to see the inspiration and passion these people have for text and typography was my favorite part. German,  Eric Spiekermann,  disagreed with Helvetica and his attitude towards his job and what he does each day was very intriguing. For him to dislike Helvetica when so many others love it stood out to me. I liked his rawness and even though he has such a laid back attitude it seems, I could still hear how in love he is with text. I also liked Mossino's approach with his simpleness. He says that, "You don't need the word dog to bark in order to know it says dog." He says that so many designers have these complex fonts, when Helvetica is so simplistic and it's all you need. He explains that you can say i love you in it or i hate you  and it will still get both meanings across.  I also found it really neat to see Matthew Carter start with the lowercase h and then how he bases each letter from there. The DNA of the letters as he calls it: starting with the h and then the o,  n, u, b, p, q, and b. Each letter is based off another. One more thing I enjoyed was something that David Carson mentions. He says, "There is simple clean powerful, and simple clean boring." It really made me think about text and how there are so many different ways it interacts with people and how they read text. As a designer we are in constant experimentation and we run all of the tests to figure out which one works best. 


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