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Fingernail Polish

For our next project in CFP we must photograph 10 color harmonies all with a common theme. These photographs will create an accordion book in the end with a intro page and table of contents.
-My theme is going to be fingernail polish, or the color of fingernails.  I was thinking of a subject that could change colors and have many different options as far as being able to photograph them. 
-I want to think of different scenarios with hands... including these color theories. 
-The color of the nails will be linked to the backgrounds. For example, if I have red nails they might be involved with holding a green apple thats being eaten.  It won't just be the nails as the color harmony, it will involve the whole scene. Getting the entire composition to be a part of the harmony. 
-I am going to start thinking of actions hands do... how can I come up with interesting compositions, that can all relate and sync together as one piece. 

Color Harmonies
split complementary

Field of Tension

Color Harmonies