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Field of Tension

On this topic of tension, Meggs explains that it is another way to organize the graphic space. Field of tension is created by using the hard relationships between shapes. It creates a diagonal movement that run on and off the page. This might consists of large changes in scale or the size of shapes. I think that this idea of tension is very important in design. It creates movement and entrust for your piece. If things were always within the frame it can become very static. The sense of tension between colors or objects moves the viewers eye around the page. I think I use tension in my work, but now really analyzing the subject, I don't know that I use it enough. To compare something that uses field of tension and that just sits on the page you find many differences. It could be conveying a sense of change and time when the shapes go off the page and lead your eye across by using an arrow to give direction. Having an object just sitting in a space with no course of direction or really creating a action  in the space. I think it is something for me to start focussing on more within my work. 

Word Compositions

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