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End thoughts of book.... You are Me

On my first page which is nurturing, I the element of layers, but the collection of small dots within the larger one. In emulative I use alignment and scale. The smaller blue dots are in the same alignment as the big ones as well as a change in scale. Continuation is prevalent in mature. The rows of dots go off the page in what looks like a continuing line. I also used layers with each dot overlapping the one before. The layout for friction uses continuation as well as the use of alignment. Asymmetry, compound shape and layers create my protection composition. All of the dots are layered to create a compound shape over the larger circle. With it being on the left side of the page asymmetry is created. Repetition as well as alignment are shown in unwavering. The color gradient enhances the alignment and with the pattern a repetitious pattern is made. In the layout of support scale is shown with the larger dot on top of the smaller ones holding it up. Asymmetry is created as well in supportive with all of the dots being located on the left side. Overbearing is a good example of framing and scale. With the larger circle being so much bigger in scale, it creates a frame around the small dot. Framing and repetition are shown in affection with the dots around the larger one creating a frame and with the same color scheme the dots give off repetition. 

+ My overall book as far as imagery turned out better then I thought. I ended up really liking all of my imagery and how it all tied together in the end. My coffee stained pages gave a great texture and feel to each page. It really helped my concept off being this old worn book. I didn't want anything a crisp white. The coffee created this great yellow aged look and by ironing the pages out it helped to still create a clean cut book, but yet I think it still has a theme of nostalgia. The imagery helped my theme so much. The imagery not only created a better composition for my dot layouts, it also tied the whole project together. Using mature fabrics and prints found from different catalogs the portrayed the mother with the daughter being shown by a old children's book and using lighter more playful colors. With my theme being more emotional then physical, figuring out my imagery was the hardest part. I had this idea of what I wanted my book to look and feel like, but making that a reality was much harder then I anticipated. This collection of almost not random, but more different types of fabrics and patterns, either from a victorian era, or out of magazine from things women wear today, it all became this coheisive book. Most of my imagery is darker and not as bright, but this comes from the era I was trying to portray. Also, the "old" feel I wanted, as if the pages were made years and years ago. These mature materials or patterns being the "mother" often hold up or are contrasting with the  more bright and playful images or colors for the "daughter." As I was creating each page, each piece of imagery as well as color has some type of relation to the theme. For example, in protective the figure of the girl is being  "covered" by all of the dark smaller dots. These mature patterns are barley hiding the face of the girl. A mother can do her best to always protect her daughter from certain things, but some of the time things will slip in or out. I tried relating everything together with some of the imagery being used more then once throughout the pages.  All of the words portray a time in the relationship, but most are taking place at any age and at anytime of the relationship. I hope most women can relate to my book either through the imagery or text.

+ If I were to do this project again I would probably make sure to be thorough with the amount of imagery I have. I had many different patterns and images, but having enough of that one pattern for the dot I needed became a problem so I would have to either change what I wanted to do, or make due somehow. I also would improve on my craft (which is always a constant improvement) When binding my pages, the first page I did got messed up! (and it was one of my favorites sadly) but when things like that happen you have to move on and so other things can get done! Stay focussed and keep the goal in mind! I would also do my cover differently. I like how the imagery turned out on the front, but I wish that it was not so bulky. I didn't line up exactly with my pages which created unevenness. I wanted to create this archive, this product that looks as if it has been passed down, or sitting on a book shelf aging. Overall, I am really happy with the turn out of my book. It portrays my theme the way I wanted it to and it resembles beauty and nostalgia. 

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You are Me: a relationship between mother and daughter