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Color Emotion

bright red 186
+ power, passion, adrenaline, fast past, 
 - fury, war, blood, rage, anger, aggression

vibrant orange1585
+ excitement, enthusiasm, energy, joy 

bright yellow 116
+ sunshine, power, attention grabbing, craziness, excitement, eagerness, joy  
- loud, intense 

earth brown 438
+ natural, calmness, richness, deep 
-boring, unoriginal

blue 2747
+ cool, calm, focussed, intense, rich   
- dark, inky, gloomy, dim 

green 584
+ loud, attention grabbing, excitement, craziness, 
 - aggressive

blue purple 267
+ calming, serene, focussed, passion, bold, rich
 -loud, stressful, 

 charcoal gray 425
+ cool, simple, calming,    
-stark, flat, boring, unwelcoming  

+ simple, clean, smooth, cohesive, modern,  clear and concise 
-flat, stark, cold, plain

+ bold, rich, deep, intense, heavy,   powerful, 
-boring, negative, dark, down, dreary, emptiness

My Color Themes... 
This was really fun for me. I love putting colors together and seeing their relationships or the emotions they portray. The names are were fun to come up with. I went to fingernail polish websites for inspiration. Some are a bit more out-there then others. My favorite is Sugary. These would probably be the colors if I opened up a bakery (cupcake shop) :) 

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