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I am seeing Dots. .. ...

Visual Communication 
-When starting on my thumbnails I tried to accomplish describing the word with either the least amount of dots, or trying to use all ten. I wanted to see what the effect of less or more could do to the composition. 
-Picking out the three to enlarge became a bigger task then I would have thought. I picked out thumbnails that even when laying the circles out on my final composition there could still be room for change.  
The hardest part for me as far as the as tactile process was cutting the circles! I wanted that perfect round edge, but eventually I had to tell myself to stop shaving! The cleanliness of this project was important so that my ideas come across clean and concise. 
-In the end, I noticed that most of my layouts are very simple with only one using more then 7 circles. It was also hard for me to not over think the placement and size of the dots. Should I make that larger? Should the dots touch or have space between them? 
-Focusing on the negative and positive space. 
Here are my thumbnails sketches... 

-Put the final pieces up tomorrow after critiques. 

Logo Project

First Day